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Can you go over 160 FSB with a DDR 266 board?

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Jun 23, 2002
New Mexico
Just wondering cause I have 158 FSB but with pc 2100 can I go higher If I put in the higher ram ( pc 2700) can I hit a higher FSB or do I have to get a new board with DDR 333?? Or do you think its the Kingston Ram the ram volts is at 2.8 now.


Sep 19, 2002
London, UK
i dont see y u shouldn't be able to go higher, providing the board supports the fsb's, unless u have a decent divder set u may get stability issues from agp and pci devices


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2001
I can take my EPOX up to 196 before the system becomes unstable. Its a KT226A board, which is for PC2100. The RAM speeds are just the rated speed. Like a speed limit. Its what its suposed to do, but you can always go higher. Better ram might help your situation, but they are many factors to consider when running high FSB. An unlocked CPU also helps.


IT Director Senior
Oct 15, 2001
At 160 FSB, your PCI speed is 40 MHz on a KT266a motherboard. That's ~about~ as high as you can go before you take a serious chance of corrupting the data on your hard drive. Of course, some hard drives can take higher PCI speeds than others, but is it worth the possibility of having to format and reinstall your operating system? That is the question.

On a KT333 motherboard, however, you have a 1/5 divider, so you can go to 200 FSB, before your PCI speed is 40 MHz.