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Can you guys help me get the best Clock from my intel chip?

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Jan 7, 2017
Hi all,

Im new to the forums and would like some more help with clocking my CPU past its current clock at 4.4Ghz.

My PC specs

Intel i7 4790k @ 4.4Ghz
H80iGT AIO cooling
16Gb DDR3 Corsair vengence
Gigabyte Z97x Gaming 5 mobo
Reference 980Ti @ +200 core +200 mem
Corsair CS650M psu
Creative labs Sound blaster Z 2015
Thermaltake Core V51 case
Thermal paste get changed every 6 months

Now i know the basics of OC'ing but i think or would like to hope this chip will get to at least 4.7/4.8Ghz? but how i can get it there safely and properly im not too sure, messing with Voltages in the Intel suit is a little scary.

Now i render alot of footage currently and i see my CPU @97% most of the time and dont see it go above 50 degree mark im pretty sure of it along with my GPU max temp at 47 when rendering.

Some tuition/guidance with my system would be really appreciated.
Welcome to OCF!:welcome:

Nice rig. I understand that you want to hit some higher clocks. Yes, it can be done. You'll find that you can still get some higher clocks with some tweaking of the voltage, Bclk and multi, probably hit 5Ghz while benching. But that will not be your OC while working. Likely you'll find that 4.4-4.5Ghz will be the limit for running it daily, rendering, gaming or other.

Grab some screenies of your system using CPUID & GPU-Z for starters, let us know how you're currently set up for voltage, temps, and the like. Usually you'll adjust the voltage only slightly while watching your temps, increasing the multi and/or Bclk one at a time and testing for stability with prime95. Once your system gets unstable, back off whatever you've just tweaked a touch as you'll have hit the wall.

Why are you changing your TIM every 6 months? Not a bad move, just unnecessary unless you've got some type of issue with temps that can't be explained otherwise.

Other members will chime in that have the same MB with more insight of that particular BIOS than myself.

Enjoy the forums.
Need screenies of CPUID HWMonitor when the CUP is under load, like Prime95 stress test.

Also, screenies of CPU-z tabs: CPU, Memory and SPD would be helpful.

Realize that a lot of 4790k CPUs will top out at about where you already are.
Not near enough info there to be helpful to us. We know nothing about your voltages, for instance. Please supply screen shots of the requested applications from my post #3.

Please attach screenshots directly to your posts using the "Go Advanced" button found at the lower right corner of any new post window. Crop things first with Windows Snipping Tool (in Accessories).