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Can you HANDLE the peltier??

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Dec 17, 2000
I have noticed something quite strange. A lot of people are jumping at these 150w peltiers e.t.c and expecting great results from them - but the block they use can't handle it and they get WORSE results then when using a smaller peltier! I plugged in a 50w peltier onto my Senfu block and the temps dropped into the -20 e.t.c When I plugged in the one hundrad and something peltier, it gave me around -1c. WHAT??? I know this block is pretty maxed out - and this just shows. There is NO point buying a big peltier if you can't handle it. In fact, you may be worse off.

What I have written is complete drivvel, but I hope some1 gets my point...
drivel? naw, theres still people out there trying to run a 72w TEC on the stock intel cooler.. keep preachin brotha!!!
I have had the best luck with chilled water and no pelt especially with these new TBirds which produce more heat then anything we have had to deal with in the past. You need really good cooling to deal with a pelt + a high end athalon. I just maintain water at below -10C and the results are great!
thats my thoughts, using chilled water. A 50w peltier will chill water right, then hit the cpu better than using a 50w peltier ON THE cpu, would you agree?
I use 156 watt pelt with waterblock from danger den maze2 oc @1500 and -10 c idle. What do you guys think of this temp? Bad or Ok ?
It's hard to say.. I would have thought it would have been lower than that. But I don't know your exact situation...
One of the things that I don't like about pelts is the temp swings from no load to load. With chilled water alone I know I can maintain a very close temp no matter what kind of load is on the cpu, water is better at removing vast amounts of heat then pelts are. This is important because with extreme oc'ing 4 or 5 degrees can make a big differance in the speed you can reach.

Having said this I do use pelts for testing just to see the max speed I can reach but for everyday use it's water all the way.
Well what if I were to put keep my 86w peltier on my cpu, and have my 50w peltier on the radiator to cool the water? Would that make a big difference or not?
Gonna use another jam jar for that Spode? hehehe

I will be interested to see the results!
nope. given up on jam jars. Glass is too difficult to work with.

Sunny delight bottles! And this one I'm using now is an old epoxy putty tube - its only 2cm high wit ha radius of some 1cm
I haven't really seen it much done. But the basic essence is two waterblocks. One on the hot side removing the heat from the peltier. And another on the cold side getting cold before it then goes to the CPU.
yes, peltiers CAN be scary. I ruined a processor attempting to install one. But once you get used to them and undestand what they are capable off, they are good. They can be a bit messy though - with all the condensation things. But in a lot of ways, unless you are going to use one - watercooling can sometimes seem not worth the effort.
I'll be going to water cooling in a few weeks. I'm gonna keep my 86w peltier on the cpu though. I'm going to waterproof my board and video card just to be on the safe side though! I would rather stick the peltier on the cpu then cool the water. Just because I think by getting the water so cold you would have a much larger area to worry about condensation building up (the blocks as well as the tubing). Where as with keeping it on the cpu I will only have to worry about keeping the cpu sealed up tight. I'm going to have my water tank, pump, and radiator in a seperate box outside of the case so my system temps stay low. And that should give the water a better chance to cool then having the radiator inside the case.

I read an article once that the best and longest lasting water proofing you can do is to take clear Silicone and mix it with Acetone untill it is paintable. Then paint it on and let it dry. It is suppose to last forever! Not that I would need it to last that long. You have to make sure you only use the Clear silicone as the ones with any sort of coloer at all are conductive!

Right now I have my cpu coated in polyeurathane. I did that when I bought my first peltier a while back.
are there any like spray on things, that are a) heat conductuve b) waterproof

Cos I wnat to submerge the back of my graphics card in water and the front.