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Can you help me plz

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May 4, 2003
Hi, I have a amd Athlon xp 3000 and a SY-KT400 DRAGON Ultra. When i go to system properties it says I have a unknown cpu and it is going at 1.30 GHZ. The xp 3000 is suppost to go above 2.00 GHZ. I know I have to do something in BIOS, but i dont know the step by step process. Can you tell me the step by step process, because im a newb.

Thanks for your help


Feb 13, 2003
Riga, Latvia
Looks like your CPU FSB is set to 100MHz, it should be 166Mhz. You can set it either in the BIOS or sometimes with jumpers on the motherboard, in both cases look at your motherboard manual.


I would have to conclude the same thing...the 3000 runs on a 13x multi, which explains why it's giving you 1.3GHz. I would've said it might be your BIOS and you could upgrade it, but it supports up to 3000 out of the box.