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Can you help me upgrade?

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Mar 21, 2002
What I have:

Athlon 1900xp (12 x 143 = 1716mhz)
Epox 8K7a
512mb Crucial PC2100
40gb Maxtor (7200rpm)
128mb GF4 Ti4600 (visiontek)
Netgear 10/100 NIC
SB Live 5.1

Ok, i wanna move to the KT333 chipset but I want the new board to meet the following criteria.

USB 2.0 (might as well have it but not NEEDED)
Abilty to to increase fsb w/out increasing pci bus (A MUST!!!)
(or else it better have good divider options)
AGP 8x support (my GF4 will take advantage of that, right?)
AGP voltage adjustment.
DDR voltage adjustment.
MORE than 1.85v cpu adjustment.
No need for raid

My 1900 will do 1740mhz at 1.85v
1775mhz at 1.95v
1800mhz at 2.02v ( but she gets too hot for my liking)
So I need the mobo to support MORE than 1.85v.

Im thinking of going with Corsair pc2700 ram.(best choice??)
But between
And numerous others, i have no idea whats gonna give me the most OCing ability & longevity.
Wheres the ABIT boards at?

Can you help?
Any suggestions / links to good OCing reviews?

The Doors

Vesuvius Senior Ocer
Jan 18, 2001
Athens - Greece
Hi mtdew332, welcome to the Forum,
Onestly I'll wait untill the new Abit AT7 will be realesed (very soon) that seems to be really interesting, and about the mem modules, well, I can confirm you that Corsair are really good, especially for the cas latency of 2, instead of 2.5, that greatly increase the mem bandwidth, but there are other way to go, like for example Crucial PC2700 (soon released), or Kingmax (Note: the one with 5ns chips!) ;)



Mar 23, 2002
I don't believe the GF4 utilizes 8x AGP, it doesn't mention it in the spec sheets. I'd wait till the Crucial mem comes out. Benchmarks were done with 128meg engineering samples. They were being tested against 256meg Kingmax and Corsair, and the Crucial was very close to them. Nothing that a 128 meg stick won't perform quite as well, so by the looks of it crucail will match or beat the competition.

As for the PCI Bus. I have read that the Iwill DDR333 board allows for divider changes. Usually the divider automatically changes at certain points. You can't exactly control the PCI bus, but it usually stays low enough not to cause a problem.