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Can you hook 2 voodoo 3's

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im currently using the voodoo 3 2000 pci and i just got a voodoo3 3000 agp, i just wana know if you can hook em up internally so i can you the memory and processor of both
well, if u hook them on ur pc, it will turn out dual display!! u can link up to 2 monitor and get a wide screen for ur desktop. most window os support dual display function and it will detect by it self!! very simple!!!!
i dont want dual display, i only want to hook em up in sli mode so i can use the memory and processing of both cards
yes you can. It's been a long time but there is a cable (small ribbon cable) that will allow you to do it. You'll only use one of the cards for vid output, and at the time it was a real screamer. I don't remember the exacts anymore, but you may want to do some searches for linking VooDoo cards.

For the preformance and price tho, it's better and cheaper to upgrade to the 5500 which would smoke the "dual" setup. You could sell your cards on ebay for about $35 each and the 5500 is less than $100 now so you'd pay little for a much better card.
so you can hook 2 voodoo 3's up, the next question is does anyone know what i need to do it? how its to be done etc

an help would be nice thanks
i counted the pins on the voodoo 3 and there is 26 pins, is there a 26 pin cable to joing the 2 voodoo 3's. ive also seen these pins on the geforce cards, they must be there for a reason,
UH I may be off base here, but you CAN NOT hook up the Voodoo3's in SLI mode. That was a Voodoo 2 deal.

On another note, one Voodoo3 card was better than 2 Voodoo2 cards.

There may be a work around or something like that, but 3dfx never did intend to make the Voodoo3's work in SLi.
so what are the 26pins on the board for? these pins are on other boards aswell, so maybe they are there for a reason, anyone got any ideas?

i realise that a voodoo3 is better than 2 voodoo 2's but 2 voodoo 3's would do alot better than the 1
the 26 pin connector? isnt that for mpeg overlay cards or sumthin like that? and from what i knew, the 3dfx cards after the voodoo2 all basically had an internal sli or something to that effect of the vsa-100 architecture, dont remember the details, dont really care to