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Can you inject PCI or PCIe RAID card drivers into Hard Drive diagnostic for DOS?

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c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
I have a Skylake motherboard which has no IDE mode, so you have two options, AHCI or RAID. There is no IDE option. This makes it impossible for drives to be seen from a hard drive diagnostic / repair program run from DOS like Seagate Seatools.

Is there a way to inject a PCI or PCIe RAID card driver into Seatools so drives connected to the card can be seen from Seatools for DOS?

Of course I can see the drives from Windows but as may be common knowledge, sometimes you need to run these tools from DOS - not Windows - to repair certain drives.


Senior Forum Spammer
Jun 6, 2002
some cards might come with a program to do this be it something that is on cd or one you burn to cd/dvd/memory stick. some cards have it built in to the card, when you go setting up whether to run raid 1-10 ect. DOS was never something that had drivers for things like that, if their was a raid setup for dos. all that kind of work would have been handled by the card back in the day due to the limitations of the OS. tbh i dont every recall any raid cards that ran in dos, linux thats a different story.

but yea in short, seatools wont work on a raid card in dos. i mean like you booted into dos not windows+dos window. you would more then likely need to unplug the drive from the raid card. then run seatools with it plugged into a motherboard sata port, then plug it back into the raid card after running seatools.