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Can you measure HSF RPM when using a 4pin connector?

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May 29, 2001
They recommend that you use a 4pin connector when using a Delta38 fan instead of plugging it directly into your motherboard.

Does anyone know if or how you can wire it so that you can monitor the RPM?

Thank you
Somebody correct me if am wrong, but I don't believe you can monitor your fan by hooking directly up to the psu molex connectors. The only way I know of doing this is through the 3-pin connectors on MB or through some measuring or monitoring interface like DigitalDoc 5. But, I have the Delta also and I was worried about plugging it into my MB because of the warnings. Went to the specs on my MB and checked to see what load the fan heads could handle. My MB (Asus A7v133) is able to handle the Delta with no problem. So check your MB specs and see if the header can handle the load.
here is what to do, pull out the +12 volt wire (the red one) and put it in the yellowwire of the 4 pin molex, you then plug the 4 pin molex in to your other thingies and plug the 3 pin one into the mobo so you can read the fan speed
My motherboard is a ASUS CUSL2 and the CPU_FAN connector supports cooling fans of 350mA(4.2Watts)or less. The fan is .32A, 3.84W or .16A, 3.84W. That looks OK to me but I don't understand amps and watts. Does this look like it would be alright to just plug into the motherboard? Has anyone had any experience with running a Delta38 on a CUSL2?

Thanks for your help