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Can you modify an ob-board thermal probe?

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May 9, 2001
Portland, OR
I've got a question that's been puzzling me for awhile.

People always complain about how inaccurate on-board thermal probes are (Under the CPU). Why not make an extention for it?

I've seen articles on how to make a thermocouple with just 2 wires and solder (And a soldering iron of course). If the traces for the thermistor poke through the back of the mobo (Which I would guess they do) then why not snip off the original thermistor, and solder on a home made or third party thermistor to the traces on the back of the board, and run it up over the dge to the topside of the CPU?

Would that even work?

Edit: Oops, I just noticed the typo in the title. ON-board is what I meant. =P
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The concept is sound, however, most mobos adjust the temp to "compensate" for the fact that in-socket thermisors are innacurate.:rolleyes: However, if you compared it to a compunurse or similar temp display, and then set the compensation in MBM5, you could get pretty good readings in software.