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Cannot Decompress Setup Cab File !!

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Feb 5, 2001
FLorence AL
I posted earlier, here is more info on my delima;
I have a Amptron KV7VA AMD Motherboard, 400W power supply,T Bird 900mhz. CPU, VODOO 5 64meg AGP V Card, three 64 Meg PC 133 Ram modules from my old PII 266, two IDE 7 Gig HDs from same PC. All this stuff worked fine in my old system..I got this new MB and CPU and cannot get a OS running....I have tried Win 95,98,2000 I can never get through the setup...I have re formatted the C: drive..I out of patience and Ideas...Thank god my laptop works.

If you have any ideas please Email me.
You may have a bad memory problem, which could originate from the m/b, RAM, or cpu. Try disabling all cache on the m/b to see if setup will go through. If it does, then it could be the m/b (cache).
Well if you want to decompress a CAB file winzip will do it, but i dont think that will help your situation..
Or a faulty CD-ROM drive, possibly. Show it some vacuum cleaner, there's propably some dust. It shouldn't damage the drive...
Thanks for all the help so far, I disabled all the cache and got win 95 installed...then tried to install win 2000....almost got through it but it locked up...I am going to send this Motherboard and CPU back to Antaries Computer...it has to be defective. I had no idea the cache being disabled would slow it down so much......WOW that cache does a lot !!!!!
Dwight P