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Cannot play lan games within network

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Jul 11, 2001
I use a linksys 5 port switch to network my 2 computers. And use the sygate software to setup my network. I have the ipx protocol installed, but for some reason i cant play lan gmes...ie WARCRAFT 3...whats wrong with it??...i can share files...with "network neighborhood"...

Also, my bros comp which is the client, cant recieve any files from icq, is there a way of fixing this....

Thx everyone...:burn:
Not having netbios installed would not affect the ability to play lan games, as most games ( all that i'm aware of ) use TCP/IP as their protocol of choice.

Chances are it has something to do with the configuration of the sygate software that is keeping you from playing a lan game.

what exactly is your setup? Do you have a broadband connection that is shared between the computers? More info on the system setups is needed....
I use single NIC mode in sygate...and i use cable...the cable modem is connected to the uplink of my SWITCH...and both computers are connected to the swtich...
When i play Warcraft 3 and try to make a lan game...it says something about a firewall...but i think i dont use a firewall within sygate...but im not sure...the ip for the client, which is my bros comp (my comp is the host), is setup manually. I followed the steps that the sygate website gives for single NIC mode.

Everything else works, file sharing and internet works...but just lan games and recieving files from ICQ doesnt work...

have you turned off windows xp firewall?

Also PsycoPhreak until recently Starcraft had to be played over IPX but with the new updat it lets you choose ipx or tcp/ip.
What about subnet mask.....with the sygate software installed, file sharing and internet can work fine, but a lan game would be looking for a host on the same subnet, it wouldn't route through the sygate software.....can this be a possability?

actually.....I think that MAY be it...since the broadband has to assign an IP and subnet to the main computer that uses the connection, i'm betting that the second computer's subnet needs to be changed to that of the primary computer....

Although I could be guessing wrong...I haven't slept in a couple days, and my internal clock is about to unwind...:D
I think the subnet mask is the same as the primary...but im not sure...im not at my home comp right now...at school...but i'll check back to you....is it suppose to be the same?
your subnet mask should be 192.168.1.* or 192.168.100.* normaly on routers you need to have that ip not sure about sygate but thats how it works for me. also bout the ICQ reseving files you need to forward a ports if your router/link dosent have a web interface your gona need a port maper theres a good one at analogx.com

the standard icq port you need to forward is "2184"

anyother questions ask

also to check if you have a web interface try to access or the pass is normaly

admin/admin but check your manual for that.
192.168.1.* or 192.168.100.* is this suppose to be my ip or subnet mask??...1 or and i use this to check if i have a web interface right??...and the webinterface allows me to recieve files from icq right???...and it depends on my switch if it has a web interface right???

Plz clarify
192.168.1.* should be your internal IP address and your subnet maks should be ( normaly ) and default gateway should be 192.168.1.* this is ONLY! if you have a router or your hub supports this.

The web interface will ONLY work if your router/hub comes with that option.

to be able to get ICQ files you need to open port "2184"

to be able to open port's you can use the Web interface IF you have it. or your gona need a port maper ( http://www.analogx.com )

Actualy what Router/Hub do you have? i might be able to check the specs on your's to make sure what sethings you need.
my ip for the client is how does this fix my lan game problem??

i have a linksys 5-port SWITCH...
well normaly you need to open sertain ports so you can play on your land from a diferent pc. like i run a CS server and i need to open port 27015 so i can be able to play on it even if its a local machine. thats why i ask. i have never used a switch so i do not know what you need.