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Cant decide between MSI and ATI??

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Dec 20, 2000
I'm gonna get a new card real soon, but I wana know if the MSI-8831 Geforce2 Pro 64mb for $142 is a better deal than a Radeon 64mb DDR VIVO for $149?? Which one will take out of spec buss speeds better which one will be better for the log run(6months to year and a half)?? I know the highs and lows of each one, but I have not seen any indepth reviews of the MSI-8831. I've heard alot of good stuff about MSI, and I've heard that the Radeon would alot better with new Drivers. Can I get some info so I dont make the wrong decision?? Should I get a vid card or ram(TONICOM)first??

First of all, you dont need ant more RAM, over 256 makes no difference.

Now about the video card, I would go with the ATI Radeon ViVo. Here are some reasons. They are actually very good overclockers, I have know a lot of people who have clocked them to over 200MHZ before. Second is the name. MSI is a good manufacturer, but just not so good at video cards :( . I had a Hercules GF2MX, and a MSI GF2MX, and with the Hercules I got 2675 3d2k1 marks, and with the MSI I got 1989 marks. I also noticed a pretty big differences in games FPS wise. So all in all, for a $10 difference, I would definately go with the Radeon 64 ViVo. Oh and I almost forgot the Radeon has way better 32bit colour then the GF2 :)
get the radeon...
just as long as you dont have any agp probs like me w/ Via drivers
it'll be a very good performer in D3D 32-bit
I like mine but the tv out is a bit blurry but all tv out are.