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Can't detect proxy or gateway with wifi extender

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Aug 15, 2015
Both my iPad 2 and my high-end gaming computer are not detecting proxy settings and/or can't find an available gateway when using wifi with one of my TP-Link extenders, a TP-Link Wifi AV200. There are two extenders, same type, in two different caravans (mobile homes), and the extender in the large caravan works fine, and I can also connect directly to the router in the main house, but the wifi extender in the little caravan is not working.

The first time I took my iPad and rig to the little caravan, the wifi worked for 15 min, but then it said that proxy could not be detected. A yellow triangle warning sign on the wifi bars. Then I took my PC and the TP-Link extender to the router in the main house, and then it worked. After that I set it all up in the little caravan again, and it worked the whole evening, but when I restarted my iPad and computer this morning, it said that Gateway access is not available, even though I have not changed any settings since yesterday evening when it finally worked.

But my iPad can still connect to the TP-Link extender in the large caravan and the router in the main house. So the problem is connected to the extender in the little caravan. The extenders are those which one plugs into the electric socket.

Strangely, when I put the TP-link extender from the little caravan in the electric socket of the large caravan, my iPad could connect to it, and my computer also connected to it when it was plugged into the main house electric socket, but it does not work in the socket of the little caravan.

Is the problem caused by my iPad and PC being set to work through the channels of the TP-Link extender in the large caravan, but not being able to switch properly to the channels used by the extender in the little caravan?

Really need some help here, because I have already spent around ten hours troubleshooting this, with no luck so far.


Mar 18, 2015
Anyone who can help you will need more info on what troubleshooting you have done and what the results were. For myself I've never had a problem that I couldn't fix by power cycling the modem/router (unplugging it for a few minutes and plugging back in) or by changing positions/locations of router/antenna.

Try this: get an extension cord and plug in your extender. Hang it out the window of the caravan. If you get signal that way then it's probably an environmental issue (the metal body is blocking too much of the signal)

I hope that helps some :)