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can't figure out what memory to buy : (

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Apr 27, 2004
I just bout an Nf7-S rev2 and a mobile 2500+. I plan on overclocking and I was wondering if theres specific type of ram I should buy for it. Will buying ram rated over pc3200 be of any benefit? I was looking at pc4400, and pc3700/3500 ram and was wondering if it would be smart to get it, or if pc3200 is the way to go, I was looking at 2x512 and 2x256 sets of these, so I can't decide between a gig of ram or 512megs. I've been using 512 in my current system and I was wondering if there is significant performance gain from haveing 512 megs more memory.


Senior Member
Apr 27, 2002
wash dc area
unless u can run a 275 fsb i wouldnt advise pc4400.i would try to determine how fast my cpu& fsb will run then buy ram accordingly..


Dec 30, 2003
Buying RAM rated for higher than pc3200 will give you better overclocking overhead provided your CPU. board, etc. can handle it.

Having a Gig of RAM will help future-proof your system if you game want to play newer computer games or allow you to run more programs at once. Unless you have issues with 512 MB, stick with it.

Check out OCZ pc3200 EB or Corsair XL pc3200.