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Can't get 133 FSB on Abit KT7A

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New Member
Apr 21, 2001
I'm a bit of a newbie with the Abit, and I set it up to just get it running after I built it a couple of weeks back. I've noticed in the Soft Menu III settings that the CPU operating speed is set to 1000 which is right.

However, the CPU FSB/PCI Clock is 100/33Mhz and the Multiplier Factor is set to x10. Know this (I'm pretty sure) is OK if I do't mind running PC133 RAM at 100Mhz, but I wanted to set it up to a 133FSB. So the multiplier would be x7.5!???? So I kept everything else the same, and upped the CPU FSB/PCI Clock to 133/33Mhz and the Multiplier to x7.5. It won't even POST when I do that. Is there something I'm missing!?! The Processor isn't overclocked. The DRAM clock is set to Host CLK. Should I change this?

It's probably blatantly obvious but any help would be appreciated if anyones's got experience of setting up Soft Menu III (or know what they're talking about about, unlike me). Any advice on tweeking any other parts would be handy to! :)

Thanks in advance!

The processor is not modified in any way at all. I thought I should just be allowed to up the FSB without any probs to run at what the RAM is capable of. Cheers for any help
It may be autodetecting the multiplier and setting it to 10x. Did you mod the L1 bridges on the CPU to allow you to change the multiplier in the bios? It will allow you to change the FSB without any mods, but without the L1 bridge mod, it will try to boot at 10x all the time.

When i unlocked my T-bird 1000 i had two options in the bios,100x10 and 133x7.5,unlock your L1's and then go into bios and choose the 133x7.5.i used the rear window defogger repair kit. Right now i'm running at 137x9.5 and i think thats about all i'm going to get,anything over 137 fsb isn't stable. hope this helps and good luck.
I bought a kt7a last week and i cant get133 fsb eiter. 9x117/39 is ok but 120/40 it locks up during boot. i have a tb1200/200 which has run on a epoxcard 10x150, so i think something is wrong. It boots well in 12x100.

Regards Pete
Like Hoot said you need to unlock your T-Bird or you can'tchange the multiplier setting in bios. It will not boot

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