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Cant get my cpu to go any higher help!!

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Nov 29, 2009
OK i am overclocking my old AMD Athlon 2100+. The motherboard i have sucks and i can only overclock the fsb. I can go from 133mhz to 165mhz.
Stock it is 1266mhz if i turn it all the way up it goes to 15XX. So this will not do for what i intend to do with it. Is there any programs i can get so i can push it to 3.0ghz or above?

Also if this does not work. What is the cheapest mobo/cpu bundle i can buy so i can get a 3+ghz jump. Im testing out a cooling technique.

I am running windows 2000 on it. The MOBO is a Pcchips M811LU.

If you need anymore info please tell me.

Thanks in advance,



Feb 18, 2002
Floyd, VA
"Is there any programs i can get so i can push it to 3.0ghz or above............"


nope, but there still is hope.....

phase is about the only way to get the 3gig, maybe....and that is a big maybe...


'Im testing out a cooling technique.'


curious, what cooling technique are u using?