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Can't get the sizing of the holes next to the Socket on an ASUS A7V

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Jul 25, 2001
I want to build my own waterblock for an A7V but I can't get a decent shematic of the placement and sizing of the holes near the socket. I truly want to use these holes for safer assembly but I can't start my block design without these measures. Even the ATX form factor specs say nothing about these holes. If anyone has a decent shematic please help me and send it to [email protected]. By doing this you will earn my eternal gratitude :)
From what I have read at the Swiftech site, the hole specs come from AMD. It's not an ATX spec, at least not the original one. AMD has a lot of design docs at their site. What you need could be in their Athlon processor docs.

It appears that the holes are designed to match the ones Intel specifies for monting the P4 heatsinks.
What I did when I made some custom blocks and mounts was to lay the mobo on a sheet of paper and trace it out to give me a pattern to work from.
I tought of that too, but there is one problem: the system is performing a serious 3dsmax rendering wich will take another 4 days to complete, so I can't shut it down right now. I really can't have much downtime at the moment, and I want it to be perfect. I would like to do the best job possible while designing my block because it would be a shame to ruin my system because of unaccurate measuring.

Anyway thanx a lot for the help folks. It's only due to this sort of cooperation that serious designs can be made. :)
I needed those measures too, last weekend. My waterblock was attached using 9 zipties, due to broken socket tabs. Now it's got a special "clamp" :)

The wider gap between the holes (the one with the socket in between) is 66mm and the smaller gap is 36mm. I don't remember if it was from the edges or the centre of the holes. :(

I suggest you wait until the rendering is complete, so you can take the measurements.
Take measurements on the board. The documents I've seen that have the holes measured aren't correct. The ones I saw were off by .25".

I'm not sure why the documents were off, but I drew out a template based on those documents ((I know my drawings were correct), then compared it to the board and it was off. I measured the actual board to make my clamp.
I found the specs of the holes in an official thermal sollution design document on the AMD site. I suppose the designers of ASUS used that document and didn't make their own standard. According to their info the holes are 4.09 mm diameter, the longest distance between them is 66.09 mm and the smallest distance is 36.14 mm. In other words I agree with the sizings asmodean posted. Since I drill the holes with a slightly larger inner diameter the differences (0.14 and 0.9) won't be a problem. Again thanks for the help folks, and I hope others will find this info usefull in designing their cooling.