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can't get W2K to install on new HD...read inside

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Jun 12, 2001
ok. tried to copy from my 13.6 to my new 40 but I found out my software doesn't like my W2K upgrade from W98.

So instead I have tried for 5 times to install clean to just the new 40 gig and I can'y get it to finish. all files are loaded on new hd but it is so unstable i can't get it to complete.

I can pull out new hd and put old back in and it works fine.

I have cleared Bios and erased new HD 3 times. still no difference. as soon as I put old hd back on it works fine.

I can't figure out why it gets so unstable when trying to install to new HD.

how do I know if hd is bad and what am I not doing right?

OH- BTW! I can't get W98 to finsih installing. I haven't gotten the os to work stable enough to try the upgrade on the new hd. pu it the old and works fine.

I am using this:

AK35gtr 266A
Samsung Pc2700
trying to set up W98/W2k upgrade

new Maxtor 40 gig 7200

help me please

so far i have gotten it to the serial number part. and that was with major hassle. as soon as i try to do anything it crashes.

i can swap drives and it works 98% normal like before.

I am going to re-flash to latest BIOS and erase the 40 gig again.......

I am thinking of RMA'ing this board.