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Can't o/c Xp1900+ using FSB on KT7A-RAID

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Feb 15, 2002
I have a KT7A with an XP1900+ - but as its locked (and too chicken to try unlocking it yet) tried FSB, but can't run over 133FSB. HSF is TT SK6 (lapped) + Delta. Tried some voltage changes but with no luck - temps approx 40c under SETI.

Graphics is Chaintech GF2 Ultra and I have Crucial PC133 CAS2 RAM (1 x 256MB) and Enermax 461W PSU, Promise Fastrak 100 IDE RAID (with 2 x IBM 30GB 75GXP HD), Creative 5.1 Live! PCI and Realtek 10/100 LAN - theres also floppy, ls-120, ricoh 20x CDRW and panasonic DVD.

If I try over 133 it boots upto approx 136FSB, but beyond that locks up of fails to post.

Any clues as to most liley to cause problems? Do Chaintech/SB Live/Promise/Realteks have problems with any FSB o/c activity?

I can take out the LAN and SB Live and try things, but can't do without RAID or GF2 for obvious reasons.

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Do you know what PCB revision your board is? If you look down near the lower PCI slots, near the ISA slot, there should be a sticker with either: 1.0, 1.1 or 1.3 printed on it. The first two PCB revisions have been sketchy as far as XP support is concerned.

You have peaked my interest though. I have a KT7AR and an XP1900, heading out for the evening tonight but I'll give it a stab tomorrow.

My board revision is 1.1 so it might or might not work. I'll keep you posted...remember to check your PCB revision.
Its a V1.1 board - *definitely* NOT V1.3 - so XP support may be flaky, but this is the only thing so far - solid, boots every time (despite warnings to the contrary) and doesnt crash - just wont run faster than 133.

Ultimately its not too much of a problem as will get KT333A (or whatever VIA settle on calling them) m/b when they come out and are faster (noticably) then the KT266A versions. These *may* be better - but just wondering if there is a card issue.

Could you list down EXACTLY what you see in SOFT MENU III:beer: Granted that you do have a board rev. that is not suppose to support an XP but there is a member here with a similar set up that has reached 150MHz/300FSB with it & also at least 2 members that can't even go beyond 133MHz/266FSB with just their TBs it's still a possibility.
Hoot I believe is running one and i had a early version that did not support xp. Supported xp with bios update fine (did not know any better at the time). It did not recognize it as a xp but rather as an Athlon. Sisoft did see the SSE. Using Tonicom ram got 151 fsb. I believe Hoot is using tonicom as well and is up around 150.
Silver said:
Supported xp with bios update fine (did not know any better at the time).

Do you know which Update he used? Did he flash the newer 1.3 BIOS onto the 1.1 board? I'm using the 64 BIOS and it recognizes the cpu as an XP 1900+.

I ran into the same issue that martin did. I was not able to get over 133...at all. I tried several different sticks of RAM and tried an ECC stick as well but no luck.
If I remember right Hoot set the CPU DRIVE STRENGTH to 1 to gain some stability but I'm not sure if it was because of FSB issues but it's worth a try.
Sorry for not getting back - was running system at fairly standard settings - 4-way i/l, cas 2, 'turbo', fast cmd decode etc - and cpu @ 1.85v (not into soldering or resistors).

Have now had a little play and got it working at 145FSB by with all other settings unchanged by pushing i/o voltage (ram?) upto 3.9v. i.e. still 'turbo', 4way and cas2 ;)

i.e. 1740MHz = XP2107+ (according to Sandra).

All seems fine, 3dmk2k1 up 400 to 5,600 for GF2 Ultra on W2k - on the front page (top 10!). Sandra cpu/ram up - though I still have v.dissapointing (slow) FPU speeds - the Integer stuff is high, but FPU is lower then non-clocked systems. Still ;)

Next thing is to LAP the SK6 and unlock the XP and see what heppens then to firstly the heat and then secondly the possibilities for 150+. Heat is up 4c under load so far.

Any ideas anyone on most likely limits (remember its an XP1900+ at 12x, so may have to reduce this (once unlocked) - I'm talking 'most likely' - not extreme stuff, is 150/155 likely.

Have bad memories of getting W2K corruptions in past efforts.

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sonny said:
If I remember right Hoot set the CPU DRIVE STRENGTH to 1 to gain some stability but I'm not sure if it was because of FSB issues but it's worth a try.

Hoot did tell me that he had to use 1 to gain stability while I on the other hand had to use 3. Don't figure however we both used tonicom. Took the ram v up all the way. Tried using 1 as hoot did however could not gain stability. Three for me was the answer.