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Cant Oc to 1.4!

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Feb 6, 2002
Seattle, Washington
Hi, I have an AMD 1.33 T-Bird. I have a lapped volcano 5 hs, with a 50cfm fan on the hs, along with arctic silver 3. I idle at around 34C, and my system temp is 17C. When i try to oc my fsb to 140mhz, so i would run at 1.4ghz, it boots into windows, then in about 30 seconds or less, it just freezes. Why is this? does anyone know?Plz help me. PS. I have an abit kt7a kt133a mobo.
what is your CPU voltage? may be you need to boost up your voltage a little;)

tell us more of your system.
More about my comp

Well, its just rnnin at 1.75 stock voltage. Would a computer freeze from having to little voltage? well, more about my comp....lets see.....not much more about it, basically everythings stock except for many fans, the arctic silver 3 and the lapped heat sink, and 768mb of sdr133 ram. If you can think of anything else that you would like to know, I would be happy to tell you.

when you up your FSB, your CPU is working harder, so it needs more juice. and your system freezed becuse it isn't stable enough. try to boost the vcore to 1.76 or a little more and see what happen.

what PSU are you using? Weak CPU causes problems too.

you can put your system information in your signature, so we can have a better understanding of your system:D
I agree with Kato. Up your volttage to 1.8 and see what happens. You may also want to try a different multiplier and fsb to achieve near 1.4 if you haven't already. I found that this helped with my tbird 950 and kt7-raid. Let us know what happens and good luck!
personally i think that its your SDram that can't handle it... try removing a stick and seeing if it will handle the 140fsb.. "not all ram is equal" to find out if its your ram lower your multiplier and try raising your fsb till you can't get it to boot anymore at a low cpu speed that is. That my friend will be the limit of your ram which i think is the culprit from keeping you achieve 1.4ghz

lemme know how it goes
Ive set it to 1.80

My psu is now 1.80. So far it has not froze yet, but i probably just jinxed myself by saying this. Ill let you know if it works or doesnt work.


Thanks, Its been 4 hours, and there hasnt been any freezing. Its runnin solidly. So it seems.....Updates will be posted.