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cant overclock asus a5n-d at all, advice please?

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New Member
Nov 4, 2009
hey guys i was wondering if you could offer any helpful advice to me.
i have made a new rig, salvaging some parts from my old one, and am wishing to oc it to juice a bit more preformance out of it. i have very minimal expirence overclocked before this, but ive read a bunch of forums so i have a fairly good idea of what the process was, or so i thought.

ive got a q9400, asus p5n-d and some fairly budget ram (the manufacturing name escapes me now it, was stolen from a dell 530s), 667 ddr2 4x1gig, 5-5-5-12.

i just cant seem to overclock this ******* at all. things run fine stock, but when i go into the jumper settings in the bios (i believe im running the latest revision as well 1101) and push the fsb past 1333, even 1 mhz past, linked or unlinked, my system will not boot. i can here it cycling up, but i never get any video out of it.

i have tried increasing the cvore voltages,nb, dram ht a bit and then pushing the fsb past 1333, and im still getting no love.

i was wondering if anyone could offer up some help to me. maybe there is something really simple setting that i am missing here in the bios, anyways much thanks everyone.
what's the stock FSB speed? and has your CPU voltage gone above 1.3625v
Well I will let you know now that I'm a experianced overclocker. I also have a Asus P5N-D that won't overclock my Q9650 even 1mhz!!!! I've had a E5200 @ 4Ghz on this board and a dual core celly heavily overclocked. Seems like this board just doesn't like the 45nm Quads! :(