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cant post above 166 help!

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Oct 13, 2002
mobo-Abit AT7-MAX2
CPU- 2400+
RAM- Corsair 512Mb XMS CAS2 bla bla bla

it runs fine @ these settings
1.85 Vcore (will post @ 1.95)
47C load

but when i try this it wont post
1.85, 1.9, 1.95 vcore
please help!

RAM is @ slowest timings
Should... but I would try to feed it some more voltage, and see if that does the trick. Maybe the motherboard is holding you back...? :confused:
could a bios flash fix it...its odd cuz 166 works but 168 doesnt....havent tried 167.
Could it be cooling?--im on a temp. heatsink while i fix my pump
Flashing the BIOS wouldn't hurt it - sorry, no experience with that motherboard.

As for temps, I highly doubt it unless your CPU is starting to float up to 50* or higher... once you overclock, the CPU temp tolerance level starts to drop.