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Can't remove heatsinks from rams on hd 4890. Pictures included.

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Feb 1, 2012
I don't have the guts to pry the heatsinks from the graphicscard ram. They are really glued on hard. And that goes for the flat ones made of copper.
The other ones were much easier to remove. Posted som pictures in link below.

I was thinking about glueing the aluminum heatsinks that came in the box with my new cooler onto the copper ones on my hd 4890.
Is it possible to glue aluminum to copper and do I loose much cooling power.

I'm mounting a Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo 2 on my Powercolor hd 4890.

Here is some very big pictures:

My rig without graphicscard. The two 120mm fans in the bottom on intake will help cool the GPU.

Inside of chassi 1

Inside of chassi 2

Powercolor hd 4890 stripped from stock cooler and some of the heatsinks.
AC Twin Turbo 2 without fans in background.

Card stripped 1

Card stripped 2

My rig:

Chassis: Enlight 2F03 Svart mATX

Motherboard: ASRock Z68M-ITX/HT Socket 1155

CPU: Intel® Core I5-2500K 3300MHz
CPU cooler: Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X Performance - DDR3 1600 Mhz - 2 x 4GB

GPU: Powercolor hd 4890
GPU cooler: Arctic cooling twin turbu 2

Intake fans: 2 pcs. Fractal Design Silent Series 120mm 15dBA

Outtake: Noctua NF-B9 PWM Silent Case 92mm Fan
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You may want to verify the image links, as they don't work.
If you can't remove them or don't feel safe trying to take them off, putting the aluminum heatsinks on top of them would probably work fine. RAM doesn't put out a lot of heat, so any type of cooling should be fine.
I would just stick the aluminum sinks to the copper sinks, the copper sinks may well be glued on and take a ram chip with them if removed.
Thanks for all your help.

Then I will glue the aluminum heatsinks to the stock copper ones.

Thanks again!!!
Wouldn't additional RAM heatsinks on top of the copper interfere with clearance on the cooler? I'm not sure about this though, as I'm only really familiar with AC's Accelero Xtreme line where there's minimal height clearance between the coolers and the PCB.

Edit: Nevermind.
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All done!

Glued the new ram-heatsinks on top of the old ones.

I have no fans on the gpu-cooler and the bottom 120mm fans takes in air at only 300RPM.
In idle i get 37 deg. cel. and in game closer to 60 deg cel. according to catalyst control center.



I used that cooler with my old 4870 and i didn't bother with the extra heatsinks. The cooling was very good. However, what are those two exposed chips on the right of your card; could those be vrms? They might benefit from a heatsink.
First thing do something with that wiring, it surly hinders proper air flow. What do you mean by gluing what to what. Glue does not transfer heat well if at all. If you are gluing for attachment so you don't have to use screws fine as long as you never want to remove it and seat with the proper pressure. You must select the proper glue because some glues will come undone with heat. Any surface that should have arctic 5 compound on it should not have anything else on it.
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The cabling isn't hindering airflow to the gpu because the air comes through the bottom of the case.
Layback Bear.... You should read the entire thread.

thebig_g3.... I will buy the Corsair 750AX full modular for psu. Then the cable routing will be easier. Even easier when I throw the 3,5hhd into my server and only use the ssd you see behind the graphicscard. Then there will only be a couple of cables from the psu. And those are sleaved on the 750AX

Supamonkey... I don't understand wich possible vrms you mean... please explain :)
SupaMonkey... Those didn't have any cooling. That picture shows the stock heatsinks after I removed the core-cooler.

But you are probably right. Maybe I should place some heatsinks on those two and see if my temps for memio goes down a bit.

I wonder where the tempsensors for the vrms and rams are located. Not on each and every one of them... or?