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Cant see both networks (Win XP)

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Apr 30, 2002

Two networks on different switches with different IP address systems.

My computer running XP Pro with two network cards in. Cables going from one card to one switch, the other card to the other switch.

Each card has an IP address corresponding to the network/switch its connected to, and they have different subnet addresses.

Using static IP system for all computers (no DHCP)

The problem:

When I go into "My Network Places", I see my computer and all those on one of the networks, but none from the other. However, if i do a search for a computer on the invisible network, it finds it and i can access all files etc as normal.

I have access to both networks, but the invisble one's computers will not show in Explorer etc, only by doing a find.

Any ideas how i can get computers from both networks to show up in explorer?
IF i remember correctly, My Network Places only shows workgroups/domains you are a member of, or are advertised (domain enviroment). As you can only be a member of one workgroup or domain at a time, Network Places only shows that one. As I said at the beginning, IF i remember, so I may be wrong on this.
installing netbuei on all boxes makes them visible but is highly unrecommended
I would strongly suggest to spend the time to get both networks (if you want/need to) on exactly the same IP grouping, and the same workgroup name.