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can't transfer from windows to linux..help!!

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Feb 2, 2002
ok.. i have prob with my network..

comp 1 using win xp pro
comp 2 using mandrake 9.0

connect wih router..

comp 1 is able to access and transfer file from linux box

but the linux box ..only able to see the shared file on windows...(tried to copy any file from windows but can make it works)

i think this will be setting prob..because i try replace my linux box with another win xp pro and no prob at all

so..does anybody know how to set my linux box..(i am newbie..so detail will be very great)

and just curious..is mandrake 9.0 by default using tcp/ip ??..anyways to uninstall and install them again..

in network group, some people sugest me to use other protoco..but don't know how to set in mandrake
oh..forget to put some info that might usefull

both are able to ping each other..
ip address comp 1
ip address comp 2

both using DLink NIC..530tx (but in mandrake the driver said 538tx)

tried "smb://(my comp name)"

it able to see my share file..but sometimes it takes 20 second or more just to browse c:\ and another 20 second to browse c:\anyfolder...and sometimes they works fine

don't know what's wrong..
It could be permissions. XP is designed only to show the "Shared Documents" folder unless otherwise assigned. Perhaps you have yet to sharer you files? Sometimes you can see the files but cannot copy them. That reason for that is the same as above. Try setting permissions in XP or sharing folders/drives and see if that solves your problem.

nope..i have share all my drive in windows xp..not just the shared folder
and also set it to make network able to modify the file

but i coulnd't make it works..
Try creating a new share, and giving user permission to that share.

If you want to be lazy you could always make an ftp site on your mandrake box and just upload and download files. :D
hmm.. i m really a newbie on linux..
i don't know how to set up ftp etc etc..

but for now.. i think i got to learn how to use linux first..

right now i don't even able update my driver for NIC..try read the readme and still couldn't understand it

so i think i'll read and learn about linux first..
will post if have other question..
You probably dont need to change NIC drivers if the comps can ping each other. It sounds like a software problem, most likely on the windows side from what your saying.
hmm..i'm not sure if it comes from windows box..i know windows quite well and try connect 2 win xp and they works fine as i said..

in windows.. i did share file (even all my HDD)
If you're not having any trouble with getting on the internet, then all is fine and it isn't worth the trouble of switching drivers.