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CAS 2, SPD setting in Iwill KK266 gets me 1420Mhz....

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Feb 2, 2001
This is with a 10 x 142 setting. What can I change here to increase my OC? When I go to 10.5 x 133 I can post but I get a blue screen in win 2k with a kernal message that alludes to a stack overflow. Same with 10 x 143.

I have two suspects here. The ram settings, and the video card. Any suggestions? I'm running 36-38C at idle. This with a crappy HSF so I am hoping I can do better.
oh I forgot to mention I have not flashed the bios. Still running the Iwill that came with the board.
I would lower your multiplyer and increase the fsb and see if that works. That will prove weather its a pci card or your ram slowing you down. Also 1420 at 165 bus is quite a bit faster then 1420 at 142 bus :) Your cheasy heatsink shouldn't affect your fsb too much if any. Also try putting some heatsink paste on your chipset heatsink and add a small ball bearing fan if you plan on going over 160 or so. Right now I got my avia going at 1420 at 168 mhz bus :) Still can't make the jump to 1445 at 170 (my mobo will run stable at 170 max). Cpu just won't cut it yet but in 2+ weeks burn in I can get another 10-20 mhz out of it.

addition: FLASH DAT BIOS ??? ??? ??? the 0307 bios rocks and will give you a good increase in memory performance. Considering you have mushkin ram you should take advantage of it
well the higher bus speed thing isn't happening. I end up losing too much speed. I'm thinking its the video card. It's old and it's tired!!

As far as the BIOS goes, I am a bit intimidated by doing that. Haven't done it yet. Plus the other day I installed a new driver for the video and crashed the hard drive. Had to reformat and start all over. What is the process for flashing the bios and what are the risks?