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Case and CPU cooling questions...

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Nov 17, 2002
Your Mama's House
I'm a wee bit confused about the whole set-up of my new system. The config. you see below is not up and running yet (waiting for my case and a RMA on my board...P4S8X's have big problems evidently) but I want to know if what I figured out needs any improvement. The case (Directron Dragon DX-01WD) will have two front lower fans, two rear mid fans, and the PSU fans. Also, the CPU HSF is a Dragon Orb 478. All the case fans are Sunon 80 mm 84.1 CFM.

The way I figured it is have the two front fans and PSU constantly going full throttle and have the two rear mids run off the mobo's temp. regulator, obtaining a positive pressure situation at low loads and a slightly negative system at high loads. Does it seem like overkill having a collective 168.2 CFM blowing and a slightly higher level blowing out? Are the four case fans even going work properly considering they will using 12VDC/9.1W each with two fans apiece connected to one 4 pin power connector? (Yeah, yeah...I'm a bit green here, but I just want to be sure. The power supply is rated for 525 watts and the yellow wire the fans use is rated at +12V/20A.)

I've tried looking for a review or comment on the Dragon Orb HSF I have but nothing is here. I should have probably gone with a separate HS and got a fifth Sunon 80 mm to run atop, but hindsight is 20/20. Is the Orb decent or not? Obviously I could of got better but with this hypothetical set-up is it alright?

Last question: I have no idea what type of airflow I will get, but how much improvement, if any, would a 120 mm side fan directed onto the mobo do? Would that screw with the dynamics of the case air flow having it blow onto the mobo while a hurricane of air is sucked into the case? Where is the best placement of this type of fan: over the Southbridge/expansion cards, the HSF, lower??

Any help would be great and appreciated...considering I'm in limbo while I wait for everything to finally get here (started ordering in late October :bang head ).
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Nov 13, 2001
I have had better luck cooling on my 2nd rig, with positive case presssure all the time.

Went from 80mm intake to a 120mm. BIG Difference !

Keeps the temps lower all the time.

As far as that HSF set-up, I don't know.

Good Luck.


Oct 11, 2001
hope this helps

i am just a green as any newbie out there but i feel your pain with the wait and all...in fact i couldn't wait to find out how i was gonna hook my stuff up either... I have almost the same setup as you do.. i opted for the side intake also.. a 40cfm sunon. i have two ystechs and a sunon up front and 2 sunons and the power supply in the back. my power supply has two fans that adjust according to the temperature.i used one of my wife stockings to catch dust getting in through the front. here are my temps these days..
wit the ambiant temp in my house being about 24 to 27 at any given time my system temp is usually around 27 to 30 and my processor temp is approxamitely 33 to 35 ambiant and 40 stable under load. whether i use 2v or the 1.85 i use to keep it stable at 9.5X180...
i found the side intake helped alot with processor temps and keeping the video card cool.i also taped up any opening in my case that didn't have a fan attached to them. that way the airflow goes on the path you want. that is number one reason i feel my temps stay so decent.if i had a picture of your case id tell you if my setup would work with yours or not. i don't know if that heatsink is a suck or blow heatsink so i don't know if the side intake will help you. my ax-7 is a blow and it helped tremendously.

i hope this helps if not i apologize and feel your pain.
btw. i noticed that with the stocking there i don't get the intake i was hoping for.(incense test)... should have stretched it out further but with four cats i don't mind the filtering...
anyway good luck.

also i don't know if you think my temps are good but im pretty happy. considering i make it all up as a i go along.