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case cooling q

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Sep 28, 2001
ive got 2x80mms for rear exhaust and front intake, 92x as side intake, 120mm as top exhaust. what can i add so i kud improve case temps? is it good to have more air blowing in than out?


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Oct 8, 2001
Most poeple say that it is good to have a LITTLE more comming in than going out.

I'd say you have quite enough case cooling, though. Perhaps you should concentrate on CPU cooling. Just a thought.

Perhaps add some filters to your intakes to help with dust.


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Apr 17, 2001
Springfield, IL
You will probably get many different answers to such a general question.
My opinion is that intake and output should be close to balanced. Since you already have a fair amount of fans there may not be much you can add. You might be able to do a few things to improve air flow, like clean up cables and ducting. A good test to see if there is anything that can be done is to remove the sides of the case and see if temps lower. If they do not lower, then there is not much left to do.


Jan 6, 2002
"Most poeple say that it is good to have a LITTLE more comming in than going out. "

If this were true, the case would eventually explode. Reword it to say "Most people say that it is good to have a little more coming in through the FANS than going out through the FANS." Any imbalance in flow with be compensated by flow through cracks, drives, etc.