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case cooling question,side fans intake or exhaust

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New Member
Jul 13, 2001
i have an atx case with 10 fans total.90mm bottom front intake.2 5.25'' drive bay coolers with HD in middle.one 90mm blowhole,one 90mm back of case exhaust.2 90mm fans on side of caseexhaust.GWFOP38 lapped,with arctic silver,blue orb on northbridge,slot cooler under video cardshould i change the side fans to intake to blow on mobo,or maybe the bottom one intake &top exhaust,or will that cause the bottom fan to intake the exhaust from top fan.any suggestions.my temps at idle are36c load 40-42c.thnxs
Are your bay coolers blowing or sucking? If they're blowing, you should have the fans at the back (and side) sucking in and the on in front blowing out (along with the bays, of course)

You probably want the fans on the side sucking in anyway, cause otherwise you're starving the fan on your heatsink. You should definately not have two fans which are next to each other going in opposite directions, cause they pretty much just cancel each other out.

Hm..forgot about the blowhole. Just where is that, anyway? On the top? Do you have a fan in it, or is it just an open hole?

Final thought...what are the different cfms of your fans? You want to have a near balance of air in and air out...though if you have an unfanned hole in your case, you could assume a few more out.
Remember Hoots advise if your CPU fan is blowing down on the HS then you want the rear fan on your case to blow in not suck hot air out, this way cold air is being blown directly to your CPU HSF,if your fan is blowing then your case fan should be blowing the hoy air out, it sounds like you have quite a few fans for your info its best if you have airflow in your case moving from front to back or visa versa a nice steady flow is better then many fans fighting each other, as one of the post said experiment and see which configuration gives you the best CPU temps.