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Case cooling questions?

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Aeon Flux

Aug 12, 2003
Maybe you all can help me figure out why the tempatures are so high in my case.

First off I have an athlon tbird 1.3 ghz over clocked to 1.5 ghz. FSB is up to 150 mhz and the vcore is 1.8 volts stock. I also have a biostar motherboard that the diode reads temps about deggrees above actual tempature.

Also my temps are 55 C under load on the processor. Radeon stays at a cool 11 C. And ambient case is 16 C all the time.

I have a 2500 rpm 80 mm case fan for intake in the front botyom of the case. I have the same in the top back of the case for exhaust. On the side of the case I have the same fan blowing from the outside on to the processor as a "cold air intake". I have a pci blower fan faced down at the bottom of the case for exhaust. On my processor I have a volcano 22+ with a 5500 rpm 85mm fan blowing 79 cfm of air. So my question is why are my processor temps so high when people have similiar setups that are a lot cooler? For FYI my processor temps have always seemed a little high. Granted my system is rock solid and stable I still wouldnt mind them being a little cooler.


Nov 19, 2003
The Colony, TX
Where are you getting these temps from?

Ide turn the PCI blower to blow in, if you can, as hot air rises. No need to fight gravity.

If you could get a blowhole put in the top, say 120mm or 80mm, it would expelle all the hot air outa your case. Doing this you could turn your rear 80mm exaust around to blow over the proccesor.
You might not wanna mod your case though.

BTW: 55C isnt TOO hot, but it is hot, whats the temp in the room?


Jun 26, 2003
durons have a smaller die size, they also give out almost as much heat the t-birds do, so 55c sounds about right...i have a 900 t-bird running around 49c, so u should be fine

u could try lapping ur hs, as thermaltake heatsinks are pretty rough from what i hear, then u could try AS5 to lower temps a bit, if ur just using regular silicone thermal grease, then re-apply using this method HERE and the temps may lower a bit...