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Case cooling: which way do we want the fans to go?

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Posy Rorer

Mar 21, 2002
I'm looking to improve the cooling of my system in preparation for o'clocking, and I'm not sure about something: it seems the power supply fan is normally factory-installed to blow inward (across the components of the PS, to cool them down). Articles I've read recommend the PS fan blow outward, to vent air out of the case.
I will be installing a fan at the lower front of the case to suck air in, but if I use the
PS fan to blow the air out of the case, then the components in the PS will not be cooled by its fan. Is this not DANGEROUS to the life of my power supply?

Also, is it advisable to put another 80mm case fan in front of the CPU/heatsink/fan assembly, blowing towards it (and directing more air toward the rear of the case)?
Welcome since I haven't said so before! I would most definetly have the fan in the ps blowing out. I have had all of my ps set-up this way for years and have only lost one through me not having a surge protector in a storm, D'OH! Any way, the fan in the bottom front of the case is a good idea as long as it has rather good air flow/high cfm. See if you can measure the cfm coming out of the ps and if you don't want to get to noisy, try to put in a fan(s) which have a little higher cfm. This creates positive pressure in the case which if to much will not allow the air to circulate but if just above, keeps dust out AND cools!

Something to remember how ever is that if you are oging to OC your system, it HAS to be agressivly cooled if you are going for anything very much (unless your mailing address has the words "North or South Pole" in it). Good air coolers for OC'ing are usually VERY noisy (when it is said that Delta 38's sound like a hair dryer on low, it is not far from the truth)! If you want to agressivly cool your machine and have a little extra $$ or can save some up, I would go with a water cooling solution. Just pop by the front page and hit the link on the right side of the screen under "Water Cooling" and it should have the articles from the past as well as some from just the other day. It will cost more at first, but is not your hearing (and sanity) worth the extra $$?

Hope this helps a little. :) As you might notice, I am not OC'ed. The reason for this is a girlfriend who likes to buy CD's and never lets me near the system because of a bad "Ever-CRACK" addiction.:beer: