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Case Cooling

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The Coolest

Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
I have a Midi tower case with 3 5.25 drive decks so my PSU is vertical, and want to know if there is a way to cool down the case without drilling any holes
in it? The problem is that I don't have another place for the second case fan. I'm really lost in it.
The PSU is blowing air out. But I don't know where to put another fan, cause
If I put it on the side of the case it will blow on the PSU. any suggestions?
If you're not using a bay or two you could put some fans in there...
Thelemac (Jul 30, 2001 05:41 p.m.):
If you're not using a bay or two you could put some fans in there...

Just turn over a (to shut the outlet) 120mm fan and cut one side off. Glue it to a thick sheet of plastic or plywood about the footprint of your CD-ROM drive. TaDAA! You have made yourself a centrifugal drive bay fan. Cut out more plastic sheets/plates or perhaps a styrofoam block to seal in the drivebay cooler so that its exhaust doesn't get recirculated back into the case through the (open) drive bay it occupies. I think I'll write an article on this and post it..
I had a case like that, determined no good way to do it, so I got a new full tower. BUT, with some ducting, i think you could do well.
I have one of those cases. If you decide to modify the case you should be able to put a blow hole (measure carefully). You might try modifying the PSU (make holes/cover holes) to remove hotter air.