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Case fans

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New Member
Aug 4, 2001
My new full tower case has a spot for two 8 cm at the back above the ps, which is an Enermax EG365P-VE FM 350 W with two fans in it.

I want to use the two spots to install 8 cm exhausts and then put one or two intake in the side panel near the bottom off the case. I've read that it's better to have more air coming out of the case than coming in, so my intake cfm's should be a bit lower than the outgoing, right?

The store I was thinking of buying the fans from sells ThermalTake and Sunon 8 cm's, I am leaning towards the ThermalTakes because they are quieter with a higher cfm rating, if anyone thinks otherwise let me know.

So with the intake, I was going to get two 8 cm or one 120 cm fan, and I am thinking the single fan would be better since I only have to buy one filter and one grill, and it would look a bit better than two.

Lastly, where on the side panel would I want to place the intake fan? Near the bottom I know, but towards the back or front of the case?

I apologize for the long drawn out post, but I want my situtation to be understood. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Well I just discovered last night that having a really high speed fan as intake doesn't help as much that is for sure. I did notice as soon as I put a faster fan on the rear of my case the cooling dropped, it certainly appeared that the two fans I had in the front of my case were "stacking up" air around the CPU area that my slower rear fan couldn't cope with. I replaced it with a high speed Sunon fan and I dropped an average 4 degrees right there, then I also dropped 3 degree's by putting an intake fan on my side panel. This seems to be a personal choice, but I liked the results I got when I put a 23CFM 8cm fan more or less over the CPU and RAM area.

As far as the intake fan goes. My case came with 2 8cm fans on the front, whether or not this is more effective than one 12cm fan I don't know, but your right in that it would be cleaner and less grill work for sure. That one you will have to assess yourself.