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Case Handles

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Nov 17, 2001
I'm in the process of shopping for case handles to be installed at the top of my tower. I'm not sure if my top panel on the tower is strong enough once I install them in. They flex pretty easily when I push my thumb against it. This thin metal makes my case pretty light. Anyways, any worries about this? I was thinking about putting in some plastic/rubber washers where I will screw them in. Not sure if that will help or not.



Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
Your best bet is to put either a piece of thin plywood, or perhaps sheet metal, inside the top of your case the same size as the top. This should give your top enough rigidity to withstand being picked up by a handle. Another way to go would be to put 1 handle on each side of your case, near the top.


Feb 26, 2002
I don't think you need to mess around with wood or
plastic. Go to Home Depot or your favorite hw store
and get standard drawer handles. To keep them from
pulling out from the top of your case put one large or
2-3 stacked washers on the inside of the the top.

If you spread the force over a couple inches you
should have no problem.


May 24, 2001
When I put the handles on my HX08 what I did was:

at Home Depot on the same isle as the screws and stuff they have lenghts of aluminum and steel rods. I got a 1/8 x 1 x 36 (flat) steel rod and cut out two 7" sections that would fit just inside the lid of the case. Then I bought two inflexible metal handles with the screws as far apart as possible, 4". When I drilled the holes for the handles I included a 7" piece of steel with each one. Now the thing will distribute the weight as widely as possible all the way to the edge of the top.

It was important for me to overengineer as I've got a fully enclosed water cooled rig and it weighs a LOT.