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Case Idea Opinions please!

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Mar 3, 2002
Ok i see peeps talking about plexi glass cases and aluminum cases, heres my thought how good would a Titanium case be? does anyone know the heat disappation for titanium? I know its melting point temp is VERY high i have used it as a dye for smelting gold dust. I can get my hands on enough of it to make a nice mid to large case in the range of T-81 or thinner, would this be a worthwhile adventure?
Well, it sounds like it would definately be the most expensive case at least.

I see two things that will make your idea awesome: originality and weight.

It probably wouldn't be so much a cooling thing as it would be a one helluva mod thing. Wouldn't even need to paint the case. Just polish it up and you'll have a gunmetal colored case that is light as hell.
Very true Krusty, id have to do some serious polishing though the titanium is stamped all over it with the gauge of metal and the national stock number and part number but hey some never dull and a small orbital sander can cure that. You know the best part of this idea? I would have to pay a red cent for the titanium! WOOHOO! That makes the idea even better teehee, we have left over pieces laying around work that cant be used on the aircraft, im gonna look around tonight when i go in see what is available im taking my current case in to work to use our dremels and punches anyway:D