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Case Issue?

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New Member
Feb 19, 2017
First post since i joined. Well im having issue with my computer not powering up for some reason while in my case but when i pull everything out it powers on. Its been in the same case for awhile it just started resonantly. Any thoughts thanks guys im stumped on whats going on.:bang head:bang head


Official CASELABS Rep
Apr 23, 2012
Los Angeles
Short somewhere. Any new hardware you've installed?

I've even had instances where a screw was causing the short, even though that same screw was in the case for over a year. Putting the computer back together I'd try power cycling after every little piece of hardware was added, and that one screw was the cause of my headaches. I left it off the mobo and it ran fine until I dismantled the build altogether.


Dec 1, 2016
Check cables closely that goes to power switch. If any of the cables looks too twisted or "naked" there is your problem, but still if there is no clear indication of damage cable still can be issue. If it isnt too much of the problem try with any other case to eliminate possible hardware failure