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Case Study

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Jan 19, 2004
Couldn't help myself.

OK, so I'm considering moving cases when I replace my mobo, and I have it narrowed down to some choices:

1. Keep the Antec Twelve Hundred that I have, though I think its front ports are shot and the 220mm fan on top popped off and landed on a video card, never to fit back on again
2. Wall mount like a boss using this
3. Rollcart like a boss and set up a second machine or crazy cooling down the road in this
4. Similarly rollcart but on a smaller level kinda with this

Amazon restricted; storecard financing and all that good stuff.

Part of my issue is just boredom with the conventional tower. I also like open space for maintenance, changes, and aesthetics. All of these cases are attractive and spacious in their own right, but at the moment I only cool with air. I don't know how that should affect my decision between an open case or not. I also don't know anyone with these cases, so any input would be wonderful! Is air cooling better left to nature on the open case or would I need to rig up some sort of fan to blow air over the chipset? Has anyone had a good or bad experience with any of this equipment? Would a dual rig setup in the large Thermaltake cart lead to nasty heat buildup?


"That Backfired" Senior Member
Jun 5, 2013
Go Blue!
Iirc Caddi Daddi has that wall mount case, or at least one similar. You might do a search on his name and see what comes up. I'm pretty sure he's happy with it. As far as air cooling, most tower style coolers blow enough air over the VRM's to not need additional cooling (there are exceptions of course). If you are water cooling then I would do it as there would be no air flow there.

A dual system in a large cube like those would have no problems with heat so long as there is ample air flow through out the case. Intakes in the front, bottom, and sides. Exhaust out the top and rear.

Mountain mods would be my choice if money was no option. A ton more accessories available for the inevitable component changes.