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Case Suggestion

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AgEnT0140 (Aug 02, 2001 08:56 p.m.):
i'm going to be purchasing a IWILL KK266 with a t-bird 1ghz(not to be confused with the 1.0ghz). i was wondering of the ATX 9 bay server case would be good. It might seem too big it's cheap(8.75) so i'm thikning about it. http://www.compgeeks.com/details.asp?invtid=AT9BAY

The link you have there is for an AT style case, not an ATX. Big difference.

Size the case for the amount of things you reasonably expect to put into it and, if possible, buy the power supply separately. I would recommend the Enermax power supplies available at
PC NUT or Warpfactor-e.
Well basically the difference between the 1ghz and the 1.0ghz is gunna be the fsb speed. The 1.0ghz is 100mhzx10 and the 1ghz is just a rounded number. Its alctually 133x7.5 which gives you 997.5mhz. By him saying he has the 1ghz and not the 1.0 is like saying he has the 133mhz fsb and not the 100.
Some week back, a member here (i think it was william, but not too sure) pointed out this case. I do not stand by it as i have not purchased it (i will mind you), and for 50 bucks, it seems like a good buy. Might wanna check it out. http://www.webuildpcs.com/wbpc/CAS003.html