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Case Temp/Room Temp?

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New Member
Jan 13, 2001
I have internal case temp. of 85f and room temp. of 78f. 1 80mm intake,1 80mm exhaust,fop32. would adding blowhole and fan help my cpu temp of 113f.? In other words, would bringing my case temp. down to the room temp. lower my cpu temp. by that much or just bring it down a degree or two? I already have a Alpha pal 6035 on the way.
A 7F difference in case/ambient. Sounds good to me! you might get another 2F out of a blowhole, so you might want to ask yourself if it is really worth it?
yeah, I'm not sure what the room temp is... probably about 22-24C but my case temp goes up to 32-33C (more when my GeForce is crankin) and the processor goes to 34.5-35C idle (33 case 35.5 CPU after 8 hours of prime95) so if you're only 7-10F over room temp thats pretty good I'd think