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Case temps compairison

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Oct 24, 2002
I'm interested in seeing everyone's case temps/motherboard temp reading (usual and highest). As well as the room temps, what case you are using, what power supply, and what fans/mods are in/on your case. Also please mention what took the readings.

Here's mine at the moment (It's crap, I know)

Case: Noname ATX steel midtower

Mods: none

Power Supply: L&C tech 300W

Fans: Power supply, gpu, and cpu fan only.

Room temp: 20-27* celsius

Case temp 32-37* (Cover off) 37-44* (Cover on)

Shuttle AK31 2.0 Mobo Temp 1 (Case temp) reading, displayed by CPUcool shareware 7.1.3.

I plan on making my setup not suck so badly soon, I'll talk about that in another thread within the next few days though... So tell me what you all are running.

Oh, and here's my buddies setup. I was impressed by what good temps he got. (I think it might be innacurate... because idling his case temp almost never was above room temp.)

Case: Antec Steel Midtower (I'm not sure on the model)

Mods: None

Power Supply: Antec 350W

Fans: 80mm intake (bottom front), 80mm exhaust (Just beneath power supply, back of case) Brand is whatever comes stock in Antecs. Also, Antecs dual Power supply fans, and some 80mm YS-TECH on his Alpha heatsink. (Sounds about as loud as my 26cfn 60mm, give or take a couple dBA) Oh, and his gpu fan.

Room Temp: 24.5-26*

Case temp: 26* at all times (Even when room temp is 26*) when doing insignificant processes, up to 29* at heavy load (MOH:AA with everything on max and a bunch of crap running in the background)

Asus A7V266 (Kt266) Case temp reading, displayed through asus probe drive mounted reader thingy.
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