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Case/video/cpu cooling MADDNESS!!@!^%$#&!

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Jan 18, 2001
East St. Paul, MB, CA
I'm looking at upgrading to a T-Bird (whatever I can get for around $300CDN) and Abit KT7A (if they're out) in a month or so. I have an enlight 7237 case with a 250W PS, I also have 3 80mm fans (PS, below PS, and case front), three 50mm fans (two on CPU (Slot 1 Cel right now) one on GeForce), a slot cooler under the GeForce, and an I-Storm II. There should be about 87 CFM exhaust and 70 CFM intake (though I have no real idea what the CFM on the I-Storm is...).

The pentium pro heatsink/fan that I put on my Geforce is not sounding too healthy so I was looking at getting a blue orb and using Arctic Silver Adhesive instead of frag tape this time for the Blorb and memory heatsinks. Unless theres something better than the Blorb?....

I was also looking at chopping up my case a bit to get a Sunon Quiet 120mm by 25mm Fan, 4 pin in the front Finally for the T-Bird I was looking at getting the Ultra PEP66 Kit w/38cfm fan (top mount for the fan) and using some Arctic Silver Thermal Compound.

Any comments/suggestions would be much appreciated.
If you are going to install some fans, I would recommend the Panasonic brand from www. Directron.com. They are rated te quietest on the market. Another top brand is Sayno Denki. They are hard to find a vendor that sells them.

I have had no luck with Sunon fans. They all have a whine to me.

I plan on replacing my GTS Pro F/H with a Blue Orb. I alo have a fan buss card from pcpowercooling blowing air on the Hercules card. www.Millisec.com sells a unit that cools better than the blue orb, but it is noisier.

You might want to replace your P/S with at least a 300w unit or higher. Some are noisy. I had the pcpowercooling 300w & it had a 44dba fan. I sent it back to the company & exchanged it for a 275w that is the same P/S with a 34 dba fan. It does not sound like a rocketship now. I don't have any fans except the buss card hooked up to the Mobo. That's to ensure the GTS Pro gets the power.

The Enermax P/S is suppose to be the hot item. The high performance units start out at 330w with two quiet fans. One draws air from the bottom of the P/S & the other one pulls air out the back as normal.

IMHO a generic socket 7 cooler or stock intel PIII cooler is better than the blorb ,or any "chipset cooler" for that matter