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Case/watercooling selection.

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New Member
Apr 7, 2016
I'm about to start a rebuild and am considering custom water-cooling down the road, starting with CPU then expand. For case selection I'm stuck on either the CM Master Case Pro 5 or the Corsair 750D. To the start on the water cooling I'm looking at the XSPC RayStorm D5 Photon RX240 V3 or the EK P240.

With regards to the cases I'm worried about the sound of the CM MC as I've heard noise escapes it quite easily but I like the compartmented PSU area and the ability to modify the internals and on the 750D I don't really like the restricted intake and the size. Reference the water cooling I eventually would like to water-cool CPU and GPU so I'm thinking the 240 rad might not be enough. Any and all suggestions will help heaps because I'm stuck. Case is priority at this stage.
Have to say I like the EK kits as I have used the entry level one and was very happy with it


It is very affordable uses the DDC pump instead of the D5 with the P kit

I would at least get the second rad so you only need to incorporate the GPU in to the loop later and in the mean time to much rad is never a problem



or This depending on space




3x to 4x of these to make life easy


Case I would look at harder, limiting your selection to two is a mistake IMO

These could be cool as well, lots of cases out there


Welcome to the forums ShrouD! I have to agree with Witchdoctor. EK makes some excellent water cooling parts. I've never owned an XSPC Raystorm but my EK Supremacy EVO is superb. The Raystorm may be great too, but I have no experience with it personally.

As far as the case choices, both the Master Case pro 5 and the 750D are highly regarded cases. Keep in mind any case with great air flow will allow "noise to escape". The only solution to this is to prevent the noise in the first place or buy a case designed specifically for reducing noise. The best way to reduce noise is buy upgrading your fans to better, quieter ones. We can suggest some if you'd like. As I mentioned there are also a lot of noise reducing cases. Take a glance at the link in my sig. There are a few in there that are designed specifically for that.
See the link in my sig if you want to see a water build in a 750D. The airflow edition allows a ton of air to flow through the front, but at the expense of muffling out noise. You'll notice that across the board, this is the trend. If you want good airflow, you'll have to sacrifice some silence. As Blaylock said, better fans will help, but good fans are expensive (so expensive...).