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Case with 120mm intake fan?

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There's a cheap ($39 before shipping i think) mid tower beige case at directron.com with a 120mm intake fan in the front. Don't know how good it is though, it comes with a cheapy 350w PS. I was gonna get one for a customer but he backed out so I never got it. Looks like a Lite On FS020 rip off or Dell rip off, but hey, it's cheap and if it works good, who cares? I don't have the link handy, just go to the case section, then beige mid towers or something.

Edit: I couldn't resist looking for it, here's the link: click here , it's only $32 before shipping, has front USB ports, and there's also a black model. Use a hole saw or dremel and add 92 or 120 fans to the side and top, and it should push some good air. Heck I may just have to get one for myself!
I own that cheapy case from Directron. In fact, it's housing my dually (primary system) right now.

Well, it's cheap. I ordered it with an Antec True430 pre-installed for a total (at the time) of 84$. Did I mention that this case is cheap?

It lacks any sort of quick-release mounting for any of its drive bays, so you have to take both sides of the case off and screw the drives to the cage directly. As you may have seen from photos, the 120mm intake blows through the hard drive mounting area. Accordingly, my HD is living in air-cooled comfort.

The thing about the front intake fan, though, is that it has to pull through tiny little vents. If you knock out the metal plate for the lower floppy bay, but then don't install a drive (I did this to ease floppy installation), then the 120mm will recirculate case air... which is bad, but I put the metal plate back in and removed that *plastic* bay cover-- so it now has acceptable intake area for the 120mm Vantec Stealth.

Indeed, there's quite a few little quirks of ventilation that I had to amend on this case. I really ought to make a website about it... The other big one, though, is that the two 80mm fan "grills" on the back of the case are horribly restrictive. I took a metal nibbler to one of them already, because even a relatively slow and quiet Antec LED fan deserves better airflow than those ridiculous perforations can offer.

Any good tinkerer who acquires this case will spend a little time with masking tape and other simple case-modding tools. But since we'd do that anyway, I see no reason to ignore this inexpensive option.
what case do yall recommend then? and what do yall think about aluminum cases?