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Dec 28, 2000
I wasn’t sure as to which section to post under, so I apologize if my choice was inappropriate.

I am putting together a whole new system, and of all the components the one kicker for me is the case. It’s the one thing people actually see, and can make or break your system as far as cooling goes.

I’ve narrowed it down to two contenders the THEON Cyclone 5000 Ultra ($160) http://www.coolerguys.com/CPUCOOL/cases.htm

And the ridiculously expensive Cool Master ATC-201 ($350 w/o PSU)

The one concern I have is weather or not the ATC-201 has the ability to really keep the temps as low as the cyclone while maintaining that wicked look.

If anyone knows anything about either of these cases, aluminum cases in general, or can recommend a different one please let me know.
One quick comment on the ammount you are about to waste on a case:

WTF are you smokin? What ever it is it has messed you up pretty good so you best be preparred to share it with me.

Translation: There are better cases for far cheaper, I suggest you shop around some more and save some greenage.
Could you please post some links of cases you feel are superior, I have shopped around for a month and these were the best options I could come up with.

Simply stating they are not a good solution really doesn’t help me.
KISS (Dec 28, 2000 08:46 a.m.):
Could you please post some links of cases you feel are superior, I have shopped around for a month and these were the best options I could come up with.

Simply stating they are not a good solution really doesn’t help me.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply that they weren't any good. My point was that they are very expensive and thus not "cost effective". If you would tell me what it is you like in a case I would be glad to help you shop around.
Cooling is the main factor, followed by looks, then price. It needs to have at least four exposed 5 ¼ inch bays, and five 3½ inch bays. It should stand at least 17” tall, and have plenty of room to work with. Weather or not a PSU is included doesn’t matter, as long as any bundled ones are at least 300watt, 400 preferably.

Appreciate the help
You might want to check out this URL for case reviews http://www.speedy3d.com/case_mod/casemod_cr.shtml . IMHO, spending big bucks on a case is not a bad idea, provided you have the funds. It’s the one part of your system you will keep the longest and if you are a tweaker, one with convenient access etc. is a blessing. Factor in the cost on a long term basis.

The heat dissipating ability of aluminum cases is very attractive. Check out the Lian-Li line of aluminum cases. They are less expensive than the Cooler Master and have more flexibility for modifications. I expect my next project will be based on one.

Check out the Antec SX830 and SX1030 they are great cases with good power supplies. Their cooling is excelent I have the SX830 and my case temp is the same as ambeint room temp it also lowered my CPU temp by 4-5 degrees. The cases are well made and you can get them from Onvia for $80 with free shipping
I just bought this case three days ago and it is awsome. My radiator fits in the front so you can not see it.

Enlight SER8902 7-bay server case with 300watt power supply $175.00

link to page:

i think, but it is listed for 179.00, it is on sale now for 109.00 and I talked them down to 105.00. these guys are great, this is the only place that has carried my stuff out to the car and the only thing that I bought was the case!
I have an AOpen HX08 Full tower case. I've Modded mise so it has 2x 60mm Fans above the ATX PLate. Has 7 Internal 3.5" Drive bays, and 5x 5.25 and 1x 3.5" External bays It has room for 4 80mm Fans as well.

Don't have a link, but in the UK it goes for around £75. Oh it has 300W PSU as well.
check out www.abilitywholesale.com
they have this "generic cases called whaler and this rocks!
got the choice full/mid/mini. i have the fullsizetower what comes with a decent 300W psu ( worx fine for me )
and cost u 50bux takes a decent 6fans and if u need more start drilling.
so long dude lsdeep
I am suprised Penguin4X4 did not tell you about the Chieftec AX-01SLD aluminum case ... Just like the SX1030 or 1040 Antecs but made of aluminum ... They have them at directron for 74 bones ... and are like the new Plus series cases from antec with the fan in the case side ... I have the Plus1080 antec and am seriously considering selling that case and buying the aluminum Chieftec ... five count em five fans that just snap in ... should have the box together sometime this weekend and will post temps ... Good Luck !!!