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Cathode Question

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Jan 4, 2002
Hey guys. Just ordered a Lian-Li PC-6087A and wanna buy some extra bits to go with :)

Bought a Pre-modded 6050MD (silver) from Kustom a while back, and it came with a cool sound sensitive cold cathode. It would pulse depending on what you we're playing/what it could pick up... I liked it, but I found it to be a bit harsh after a while.... my question is.... is there such a thing as a sound sensitive cathode which fades? IE instead of just flashing on and off, it'd fade out, or the intensity of the brightness would depend on sound - dimmer for quieter stuff, brighter when the head bangin begins ;)

Or am I asking for to much :D

If anyone knows of what I'm talking about, couldya point me in the right direction... or is it a mod I could make with the help of a maplin catalogue?

Also, anyone else got a Lian-Li PC-6087A? What sorta mod's have you done to yours - anyone seen a cool PC-6087A w mods?


Jun 30, 2002
Boise, ID, USA
I don't think you can get one from anyone who sells em bulk, you have to go custom. take the device that sends poiwer to the cathode and which also had the sound sensor thingy, and put a capacitor between the cathode and the power box i think that might work... ask an electrition to be sure tho.