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CCTV system. What to buy NVR or DVR?

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New Member
May 12, 2016
I'm looking for a decent cheap setup. Personally would do a more expensive IP setup but my father might not be as computer oriented as I (this system is for him) but I'd still like to keep it on the table if the money:value is there.

Here are the two I'm looking at.
NVR with IP cams Setup:
($229.99 with 4 bullet cameras and 1tb HDD)

DVR with lower quality cams:
(The $229.99 option is the one for 8 cameras. 4 bullets and 4 domes with 1tb HDD.)

The DVR quality I'm assuming will be drastically inferior compared to the IP NVR please correct me if im wrong. The price range for each are within the same ballpark, the IP hes only getting 4 cameras but with the DVR hes getting 8.

If someone could tell me how much of a difference there would be between the two different camera types that would help me a lot.

Some background on the situation hes had some things stolen out of his backyard. Hes going to be placing the cameras within 50 feet of what they need to be recording, hes not trying to look down an ally way or anything like that basically just pointed at his shed, his driveway, patio, front door. He thinks the neighbors are the people doing it so it may or may not be a good way to identify these people using the DVR lower quality cameras. I'm not 100% convinced though that the IP cameras are going to perform all that much better as the NVR might be able to record good quality but the cameras look pretty cheap themselves.

If you have any suggestions they are more than welcome, there might be totally different systems or products out there that i'm overlooking at the same price points or just better products i should be looking at. Any insight would be very appreciated. Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.
NiHaoMike I agree. I would but as I stated this system isn't for me. I actually have a Pi and am planning on doing it but that's way off topic from what I was asking about. Basically How much more value am I getting by going with the lower quality cameras (8 of them) vs slightly higher quality cameras (only 4 cams) at a distance of about 50 feet.
Thanks I looked through that article which lead me to youtube the differences between 800tvl and 1.3mp ip cameras. The differences are not very far off. The 3-4mp ip camera qualities are what would break the deal if they were even in the same ballpark price. Thank you