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Cele 1.0a overclocking question

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Nov 6, 2001
Melbourne, Australia
Ive just recently bought a celeron 1A along with an abit ST6-Raid motherboard. I can't get it to work properly at 133 fsb. It will post then as soon as it starts to load windows it just stops. I try to get into the bios to change the settings and it wont go into the bios either. After trying everything the motherboard manual said about pressing Insert at startup to get it back to default settings i still couldn't get it to start windows or get into the bios. I eventually had to reset the cmos to get it back working. I did notice however that if i unpluged my usb intellimouse explorer it would load the bios, but this only happend once. This is all running at 1.500 vcore

if i run default vcore it locks up counting the ram.

Does anyone know what could be the problem here?

When the ram quits counting it is usually a ram problem. I have used two of these mobo's now and that always seems to be the problem. Maybe try one stick of the ram that you know is really good pc133. Also it sounds like you may need to increase the vcore a little.
Forgot to add my mobo gets wierd when I have things plugged into the USB ports when it is booting. I think there are some settings for that. I have used a 1.0a cel-t,3x1.2 cel-t's,2x PIII tualatin's @ 1.2GHz and never had any real problems I couldn't fix. I think your problem is that your USB mouse is possibly causing problems. Try using a non usb mouse if you have one. There are a ton of settings for components in the bios and I have no clue about them. That may be where the problem lies. I have also had two different ST6's. I still think it is the best tualatin board for any .13u chip.
yeah sounds like you got mobo probs... i just got my new celly 1.0 running on abit vh6-t replacing a celeron [email protected], it had a few probs booting at 1333 even after vid mod and running all the ram settings really slow, however the problem is my power supply (235w) isnt grunty enough, it goes fine when you unplug some stuff. maybe flash your bios if you can too....:D
the first thing I would suggest you do is take a look at your RAM, like ol' man said...then do a votage modification, which you can read about in the sticky at the top of this Intel CPU section. Once you are able to adjust your voltage higher than stock, I would suggest you run your FSB down to 66, and run your voltage all the way up (1.775), and boot up. Download a program like Prime95, and run it for several days. This is reffered to as a burn-in. After a few days, boot back up and set your voltage back down again to 1.6 or so. Now increase your FSB one or two at a time, until you find stabilty problems...then bump your volatge up a notch, and start adjusting your FSB again. Watch your temps, and when you find your limit, you will know it.

Oh, and if your USB is giving you problem at start-up...don't plug it in when starting! :D