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FEATURED Celebrating Decades in the OCF Family - 10 and 20 Year Member Badge

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Nov 12, 2002
Rootstown, OH
Hey guys! ATMINSIDE updating here, we've updated this so there is now both a decennial and vicennial badge for our long-tenured members.
A huge thanks to rezasam1 for helping update the 10-year badge and creating the 20-year badge for us!

View attachment 213134
View attachment 213135

I've kept IMOG's original post below as well.

I'd like to personally thank you members who have established a decade or more of tenure as members here! You guys (and gals) have shown exceptional loyalty to the site and have embraced the Overclockers mission of sharing overclocking knowledge for the betterment of all who come here. Your character and history have molded this community into what it is today!

You may notice a few members around the forums with this special banner below their avatar, highlighting their tenure here:

View attachment 213136

If you have been here 10 years and haven't yet gotten your badge, contact a member of staff or myself and we will get you hooked up.

We thank you for sticking around and helping to make this a better place, handing down the hobby and traditions the forum was founded upon!

Post in the replies below if you've been here 10 years, or want to thank someone else who has been here that long! They could probably use a reminder they aren't just old and in the way! :rock:

EDIT: Special thanks to forum member EnablingWolf who suggested we create a 10 year badge. Thanks Michael! :salute:
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Waow, thanks :bday:

I've been here for a very long time, but had a long break for a couple of years. But it's really great to be back and to see that this place is still filled with great people the community is just as strong as way back :)

And a big thanks to all those who are pulling all the strings behind the curtain, this place wouldnt still be around if it wast for all your great work! :thup:

Cheers all! :beer:
Great idea EnablingWolf! Who said a little bit of beer and liquid nitrogen isn't good for the brain?

Thanks for getting this implemented IMOG. Looks great. I'll be proud to wear one when I make my ten-year anniversary in Nov.

Wow just clicked on my name and seen this badge. Been here going on 11 years now, total time away from this forum might be a month maybe a month and a half. Thanks
at first I saw it and wondered what mod was bored ! or if the FNG messed something up (FNG = RollingThunder) then I saw this

Thanks guys its been a cool place to hang , learn , teach and be school'd from time to time .
The old old old guys are getting there badge first. Im not far behind the old people :)


Freaking Sad. Everyone is either Blue or Green lmao

*I guess I did not post enough nonsense to get myself noticed :)
Hey thats a pretty cool way of showing your gratification OCF :)

I plan on sticking around for a few more years, but if the poles shift, or everyone on the surface gets roasted when the earth passes by the sun.. then thats out of my hands :(

Either way, its been a pleasure hanging out with you guys over the years :cool:

Its pretty cool to see how many people have been here this long! I've only been here a few years, but I plan on sticking around.

That badge is a sign of some serious nerd cred :beer: