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Celeron 1.1A or 1.2 ???

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Dennis Baliton

Aug 23, 2001
Can anyone recommend which is a better overclocker for a BE6-II/IWill slocket II? What does the "A" signify? Thanks in advance.



Senior of BX
Dec 17, 2000
A means it is the new .13u core Tualatin Celeron....

but both of the boards you mention do not support the Tualatin Celeron... You will need a powerleap adapter...

Or a Abit, Asus , Iwill socket (only ones that work so far) and do a little bit of modding to get it to work....

AS for the celeron 1.1a that is what i went with....
But if you can you really want the A, as the others dont really overclock that well... but once again, its harder to get the A working

ol' man

Aug 23, 2001
For the BE6-II it is kinda a toss up. I would maybe go with the 1.1a. If you can see your 1.2 up close and find out if it is a retail Phillipine made chip then I would get that one! If it is a Malay then it is a 50/50 chance of it doing 133fsb. If the latter is the case I would then go with the 1.1a. If you have aboard without the 1/4 divider then I would go with the 1.3GHz cel-t as you can hit 120fsb and still be sitting good for hurtz.