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Celeron 1.2gig problems :(

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Nov 22, 2001
Ok after finally doing the wire trick on my celly i did it with plenty thick enough wire and have done it to 1.8v, all was fine untill i went into my bios and it says the vore is only 1.73, and every now and again it will goto 1.75 so i know i have done the wire thing right as my vcore used to be 1.55, is this a psu problem? my voltage lines are :-

2.5 = 2.58
3.3 = 3.40
5.0 = 5.18
12 = 12.31

its only a 200w psu im running this pooter off aswell, what is the problem also i still cant get my cpu over 1.4gig even with my new vcore i have tried removing all the pci cards and everything?

Please help

P.s. see my web site for full system specs!
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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Germany->Bavaria-> Augsburg
I think you're right. It should be a PSU problem!! 200W is not enough for a Celeron Tualatin 1,2 GHz+.
I'm running a Celeron Tualatin 1 GHz at the moment with a 350W PSU and I have no problems. I can select core voltages up to 1,825V in bios and if I select 1,825V, MBM shows me that it's actually 1,84V!

Get a new PSU and try again, or keep the PSU and stop overclocking! :-(


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Oct 5, 2001
Ottawa, Canada
I second that, definitely the weak PSU. I'm even surprised your rails are that high, and your even able to overclock. Consider the Antec 400watt Smart Power if you buy a new PSU, if not your overclocking is very limited.